Jun 18, 2012

Foodies for a Cause – Table of Hope 2012

If you were in the ballroom at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel on May 22, 2012 you were probably witness to another great edition of the Table of Hope, benefiting the Share the Warmth Foundation. This annual event showcases Montreal’s hottest restaurants and wineries, and local celebs lend their culinary skills for a good cause. 

The evening’s VIPs were treated to a pre-dinner Patrons Cocktail and then the party moved into the main ballroom where over 40 restaurants had delicious samplings at the ready. The event showcases the city’s well established and popular eateries such as Moishes and L’Orchidée de Chine, but also allows guests to discover unfamiliar restaurants, amazing caterers and sample local wines.

Here’s the roundup of the night’s star-studded festivities:

Table of Hope Foodie Awards  - 2012

Best Display: 
Queen Elizabeth Hotel's Beaver Club
Pyrus Bistro
Mr. Basil

Best Food: 
Macaroni Bar (pulled porc sandwiches)
Casa Minhota (croquettes and calamari)

Best Dessert: 
Délices de Dawn (Lemon Merengue Cake and Chocolate Brownie  Explosion)
CHOM’s spectacular guitar cake

Most Popular: 
Rib 'n Reef

Best Celebrity Sous-Chef: 
Sugar Sammy

Best Musical Performance: 
Montreal Gospel Choir
For more information: http://www.tableofhope.ca
Braised beef from Bitoque
Mac Bar chefs & Sugar Sammy (most likely saying something inappropriate)
Restaurant Ofelia

Croquettes from Casa Minhota

L'Orchidée de Chine

Baxo Cuisine and Bar
Former PM Brian Mulroney getting his sugar fix at CJAD's candy bar
Montreal Gospel Choir - bringing soul to the evening's festivities
Alouette players Bowman (#7) and Bourne (#59)
Macaroni Bar's  pulled pork sandwiches
Délices de Dawn
CHOM 97's Guitar Cake
Pyrus Bistro

See you next year!

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