Jan 26, 2011

Baldwin Barmacie

If you’ve never gone for a drink at Barmacie, you’re either over the age of forty, a boring homebody who stays in on Saturday nights to watch Say Yes to the Dress marathons or perhaps a recovering alcoholic. Okay, harsh words, but really, what is the matter with you? A place once kept severely under wraps by local trendsetters and twenty-something hipsters, this plateau watering hole is on the cusp of being discovered by one too many people.

As the name implies, Baldwin’s is a pharmacy-turned-bar and the place stays true to its genetic origin. In the end, what is the difference between a pharmacist and a bartender really? Both are people who mix cocktails in glass vials to soothe our anxieties and pains, act as confidants for our troubles, and both stand behind big counters as we ask to be placated with the best concoctions medicine or mixology have to offer. So if you’re like us and have graduated from the coed-infested halls of McGibbins and Trois Brasseurs, step into Barmacie for a vial of an expertly mixed cocktail in a low-key trendy ambiance. Ladies, leave your Globe-faring attire at home and gentlemen, please abandon any Jersey-Shore inspired ensembles – this isn’t that kind of place. Feel free to wear those obnoxious fake nerd glasses however, because you’ll fit right in.

The stars among the cleverly named cocktails are the mojitos. If you need a bit more nursing than a simple cocktail, the small carafes of liqueur are a popular and ingenious alternative. Also be sure to sample one of Barmacie’s deliciously greasy grilled cheese sandwiches to curb that post drink appetite before you head out the door. The music is like that friend who makes a great companion but blends perfectly into the background when necessary – fun but not overly intrusive.

The bottom-line: great drinks, great music, great ambiance. It’s easy to lose the drive to go out at night in the winter months, especially in Montreal’s sub-zero climate. And since standing in line outside a club in a mini dress is best left to the teenyboppers; Baldwin’s is a great excuse to leave the warmth of our living rooms and engage in some serious and sophisticated medicating.

Baldwin Barmacie
115 Laurier Ouest
Montreal, QC H2T 2N6, Canada
(514) 276-4282

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