Oct 20, 2011


Looking to spice up your lunchtime routine of ham and cheese sandwiches? Treat yourself to one of the most original midday meals we’ve ever seen. Behold the "Sushi Burger":

"Sushi Burger" at iBurger, Montreal

Most nine to fivers have a hard time eating an entire 12oz angus burger for lunch and then attempting to be semi-productive at work. So while salmon tartar and rice might seem like a nice alternative to its beefy counterparts here, don’t be fooled by the illusionary lightness of this meal. Yes the rice “hamburger buns” are made of deliciously fluffy rice and encapsulate layers of smooth salmon tartar and avocado – but half way through, you are guaranteed to fall into a heavenly sushi coma. Certainly one of the pricier items on the menu, the sushi burger is, in our opinion, worth every penny. Beef burgers are the obvious specialty but we couldn’t resist testing out this unique culinary creation. Dress it up or dress it down and make it as spicy as you’d like – all can be done on the interactive touch screen of your iPad table.

For all you technophiles, the tables at this restaurant are made of giant touch screens that allow you to order your meal and drinks as soon as you sit down. But don’t worry; the friendly wait staff is always around in case you’re not as tech savvy as most of the Gen-X crowd.  iBurger also counts a great bar area and some screens to watch the hockey game – making this a great place to unwind on a weeknight. 

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