Feb 14, 2011

CONFUSION – Montreal’s Sexiest Restaurant

Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Fernando Alonso, Picasso, Gaudi, Rafael Nadal – Ah yes, Spain has blessed the world with a lot of wonderful things, and food not one to be excluded. Anyone who has visited the magical cities of Barcelona or Madrid will tell you that their favorite thing about Spain was the incredible cuisine. Montreal has been no exception to the Spanish conquest of the culinary scene in North America. Tapas bars are popping up around the city faster than you can say olé! Tapas, which are essentially small amuse-bouche dishes and originally intended to accompany the 5 à 7 cocktail hour, have now turned into an entire dinner concept on its own. It basically allows you to order small portions of different dishes, and sample a variety of things on a menu, without being committed to one main dish.

Restaurant Confusion in the Latin Quarter is by far, the coolest restaurant you will step into in these parts of the city. Where else can you eat your tiny samplings of food while rocking back and forth on a swing? 

The ominous red accents and dimly lit dining room make for a very interesting experience of food exploration. This is one of those rare places that wherever you choose to sit, it makes for a cozy and intimate space. The big red banquettes or even the swings suspended from the cavernous ceiling – each make for a different and altogether sexy dining experience. Since its Valentine’s Day, we can’t think of a more sensuous restaurant where you can enjoy great food, wine, and ambiance. Sharing concept is key with tapas, and works as an excellent way to ease tension on awkward first dates.

The worst thing about Confusion, is trying to choose from the selection of mouth-watering dishes on the menu. You’ll see some foreign concepts in there, and there is no better place to try new things than at a tapas restaurant because of the size and price of each dish. For the extremely indecisive or the tapas newbies, there are some excellent group menus, which cater to a variety of tastes. The staff at Confusion is extremely knowledgeable about food and wine pairings as well and is always happy to guide you in your selection. Based on our several experiences here, we recommend picking out a solid balance between a vegetarian platter, a meat, a seafood and either a tartar or foie gras. 

Some note-worthy dishes included: the cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in pancetta, the saghanaki (deep fried Greek cheese flambéed with Ouzo), grilled Hungarian chorizo with tomato jam, lamb mini burgers, grilled garlic-scented shrimp on sautéed watercress, the Alberta beef rib, and the homemade fries with cumin mayo.

We challenge anyone to try and leave Confusion without sampling one of their desserts, no matter how full they are. The spicy dark chocolate fondant and salty caramel ice-cream (made in-house) or the delicious crème brûlée trio of green tea and mint, sweet milk jam, and rum and coconut are the perfect ending to a sumptuous meal.

There’s nothing worse than paying a fortune for a sub par meal at an expensive restaurant. At Confusion, the prices are far from exaggerated and you are getting a meal that goes above and beyond that which you would chance to get at a five star restaurant downtown. So let yourself be seduced by the culinary genius of this date-friendly spot but make sure to reserve early, because the restaurant often turns away walk-ins on very busy nights. It’s hard to believe such a small, unassuming place gets so packed, and its entrance is easy to miss…so this Valentine’s Day, head over to Saint-Denis and just look for the hot pink sign above the crooked steps. Trust us, its there.

Restaurant Confusion
1635 Rue St-Denis
Montreal, H2X 3K3
(514) 288-2225


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