Jun 22, 2011

Foodies for a Cause - Awards and Gallery

May 9th, 2011
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel

As much as this annual fundraising event is about raising money and awareness, it’s also all about the incredible displays of dishes put forth by each restaurant. We decided to assemble a list of awards for the participants that truly stood out in each of their unique categories.

Best Display 
Monsieur Basilique

Honorable Mention 
Mount Stephen Club

Most Creative Food
Fairmount Queen Elizabeth

Best Tasting Dishes (overall)
Piment Rouge

Honorable Mention 
Casa Minhota

Best Desserts
Delices de Dawn

Honorable Mention
Gaufrabec and 
Heavenly Biscotti

Monsieur Basilique's garden fresh creations

Delicious offerings from Piment Rouge

The team behind Fabergé - Montreal's newest and most charming breakfast locale

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth's Beaver Club chefs hard at work

Lori Graham from CTV News lending some star power at Rib and Reef 

Delices de Dawn's mouthwatering "Toblerone Cake"

Delices de Dawn's "Death by Chocolate"

Inspirational musical offerings by the Montreal Gospel Choir 

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